2816 Washington Rd Ste 107, Augusta, GA, 30909-2194 
706-738-8998 / 706-738-0470

Business Hours:
Mon.-Thurs.: 11:00am-10:00pm
Fri.&Sat.: 11:00am-11:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am-10:00pm
Restaurant Location
Small city, town, or suburb
Number of Employees
Number of Seats
Average Price
Less than $5.99
Main Stream Americans

Ratings 135 people have voted

Awards and Honors

For the Top 100 Restaurants
Top 100 Takeouts  (2011)


Reviewed by: calabraset on: 2020/5/17 14:12:03
Alway delicious! Professional service. Great people.
Reviewed by: trankelly855 on: 2020/2/24 18:40:10
this place is fucking bullshit! fucking scam! don't come to this place!!
Reviewed by: mdmyers on: 2020/1/27 10:32:21
Food was cold and nasty looked like the took it off the buffet and sold it to me when I questioned the freshness they opened the container took it to the back and brought right back poor customer service won’t be back there again feel somewhat nauseous
Reviewed by: jenniferjimmy on: 2018/8/8 11:51:13
First and last time ever. Got there right after opening food not hot no flavor.
Reviewed by: wcaddell1967 on: 2017/11/24 10:24:35
Outstanding service and food. The man, who is from China, was really nice. Once they offer to order online, it will be even better. Wayne A Caddell Jr WCaddell1967@Gmail.com 843-718-8996
Reviewed by: dubkie on: 2016-04-19
I was going to place an order for 11 clients, prepaid with a credit card, but they would not deliver because of a few issues delivering here in the past. Too bad you lost out on that money.
Reviewed by: nocst2you on: 2013-06-04
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Reviewed by: loreal.goggins on: 2012-05-11
China is great! Not many china restaurants in Augusta deliver that I know of and even if there are I don't know any that let you place your order online. I absolutely love that! Not to mention the delivery was fast. I literally placed the order then whipped up a meal for my kids all of 15-20 min and they were knocking at my door. I just had to leave a comment. Thanks China.
Reviewed by: Angelofmcy on: 2011-10-29
No other Chinese restaurant in this area compares to CHINA on Washington Road. Their food is always good and their cooks are happy to cook it to order. When I want Chinese food, CHINA is where I go.
Reviewed by: Lsevhephga on: 2011-10-06
China Restaurant has the very best food served promply by the friendliest staff in the city. You may order items not listed on the menu which will be prepared quickly and served with a warm smile. The owner takes pride in preparing great food at very reasonable prices.
Reviewed by: fftaz71 on: 2011-10-03
I was introduced to China Restaurant by Eryn Eubanks and her family. I introduced a few friends to the place. I have been for the buffet as well as during non-buffet hours and never once have I had a less than wonderful meal. The buffet was always fresh and hot. The place is always clean and the staff are very friendly no matter when you go in.
Reviewed by: macdrn on: 2011-10-03
I love to eat at this restaurant..the food is always very good and the staff members are always eager to please. If you wish your dish to be prepared a certin way the cook is always able to please and satisfy you. My friends and I enjoy freequent meals there and have found all our meals tasty and we always have a great time there! Mary Anne Davis and the Family Fold loves China!
Reviewed by: eubanksfamilyfold on: 2011-10-02
Our family has eaten at practically every Chinese restaurant in the Augusta, GA area for decades now. Hands down, China on Washington Road is THE BEST!!! You won't find a place that is any cleaner, or chefs that will specially make your food to suit your taste and/or dietary needs. As a customer of theirs for 16-years now, I have come to personally know all of the staff, and they are all super friendly and personable. I eat there quite often because for me, going to eat at their restaurant is like going home for my dinner. Eryn Eubanks & The Family Fold LOVES China!
Reviewed by: redhead7584 on: 2011-10-01
I eat here at least once a week!
Reviewed by: lovefood on: 2011-09-29
This restaurant food is good, and everyone is friendly except the owner's wife, she gets moody and very rude when she takes order over the phone.. we have complained about her several times... Other than that, the restaurant is very good both regular menu and buffet. Staff needs little friendly improvement.
Reviewed by: kary1201 on: 2011-09-28
This restaurant's food is very tasty.I really like this restaurant.
Reviewed by: king1374 on: 2011-09-28
The food here is very good and the staff is nice...
Reviewed by: ccribb on: 2011-09-28
Just finished eating my takeout from China Restuarant. It was GREAT!