2816 Washington Rd Ste 107, Augusta, GA, 30909-2194 
706-738-8998 / 706-738-0470

China Restaurant specializes in Chinese food catered to American palates. Established in 1996, China Restaurant has become known for being a fantastic dine-in establishment and excellent place to order take-out. For delivery, China Restaurant promises speedy service, guaranteeing that orders will arrive within 35-45 minutes. Occasionally, an order may arrive in as little as 15 minutes.

With over a hundred items on the menu, China Restaurant pulls in a large crowd during dinner hours. The most popular dishes are Sesame Chicken, Beef Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Cantonese Chicken, and Mongolian Beef.

During the holidays, China Restaurant treats its diners with gifts from China. For 15 years, the restaurant has offered flavorful food, a cozy environment, and excellent service at a reasonable price. Featuring a Chinese style interior, it is decorated with Chinese paintings and kungfu figurines. Clean and neat, China Restaurant is perfect for intimate meals and large family dinners.

Inside the restaurant, the outstanding staff works hard to ensure that every diner’s meal is a pleasant one by checking on customers regularly without being intrusive. Word of mouth has helped China Restaurant build up its standing in the local dining scene. For that, the owner Lam Cheng expresses his appreciation for the customers’ support.